Good tips!

                                             GOOD TIPS
All over Europe:
When you travel it is NOT very safe to leave your baggage unattended,
not even for 1 second, especially on the trains and around the train stations.
You should travel taking particulary care
of your personal belongings and documents,
don't leave them at the exterior of the backpacks,
or in light shoulder women bags,because it is an easy target for the pickpockets.
Special for Venice:
Do not bring “the Kitchen sink” with you!!
Confortable and light baggage is the best way of walking around little streets and bridges.!
To the families with many or little children: Venice is VERY SAFE ...but..:
Do not arrive late or in the middle of the night in Venice :
the tickets -offices are closed,transports are quite complicated.
You should take only Public Means which are always
at your disposal day and night.
(less during the night)
Please visit the
In the night, you can only buy tickets on board of the boats.
Do not accept any strange offer of private transportations!!!!!
( Private boats may try to charge  larger amounts)
Check the 12/24/36 and 72 hours tickets and the weekly tickets that are much cheaper then the single rate!!!
With these few tips you will love Venice more!!!