Short history of Venice


  Short history of Venice :
From....the first settlements in the lagoon which began with some communities banded
toghether for mutual defence from the Barbaric invasions from the main land,
through the prestige and the opulence of the Serenissima Republic,
( from 697 after Christus, with Paoluccio the first “ Doge “ ...
.to end finally to the greatest italian sea empire up to ..1797, ( about 1000 years)...
...until our present day ,in which , in its very old and original mouments
and palaces , Venice still preserves the magic splendour of its history..
The Republic of Venice was the major maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance,
as well as a very important centre of commerce ( especially silk, grain and spice trade ..)
         Also an unique centre of Art from the 13th century up to the end of the 17th century.
The incredible Opere of Giorgione, Tiziano , Tintoretto, Guardi and Canaletto...
are only some names among the Art genius Painters....spread all around the Curches ,
the Galleries and even in some private Noble Palaces.. especially on the Gran Canal.
Not less important .. the Music and Opera history with Antonio Vivaldi and Claudio Monteverdi among very many other most famous musicians....
The splendour of The “ Serenissima Republic” , with its DOGI prestige started in 697
( Paoluccio was the first Doge )
with its battles for supremacy , its maritim trades with Orient
( .. you cannot forget Marco Polo...)
developed one of the longest and opulent sea empire in the entire old world history .